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Enhance Business Productivity and Performance With An Enterprise Solution - Asset Tracking

Active RFID Based Asset Tagging for Accurate Tracking and Monitoring to help Manage, Control and Optimize the Usage of Operational and Movable Assets Throughout their Lifecycle

Enhance Safety and Visibility of your Distributed Workforce with an Enterprise Solution - Personnel Tracking

RFID Based Positioning Technology for Workforce Safety and Visibility in Hazardous Environment Driving Efficiency and Productivity

Optimize Storage, Retrieval & Return-to-stock of Prescription Packs With
Pharmacy Wireless Will Call

Reduce Customer Wait Time and Eliminate Manual Errors With Efficient Control of Return-to-Stock Items

Our Range of IoT Products

How Reindeer Helps Customers Overcome their Business Challenges

Cost Effective and Efficient Asset Tracking

An IoT and active RFID-based tracking system for warehouses, stores, assembly lines, factory floors or moving vehicles, fleets, containers, and cargo. You can track your assets continuously with zone level location identifiers. Cost-effective, efficient, and the simplest form of asset tracking of high-value assets putting an end to error-prone traditional monitoring or tracking through extensive excel sheets. Improving visibility in real-time, our solution gives you better actionable insights to enhance your operational agility and sustainability.

Smart Tag for Workforce Visibility and Safety

An IoT and active RFID-based tracking of workforce movement in manufacturing, construction or any hazardous environment. We cater to businesses of all sizes with a need for monitoring the safety of the workforce in a distributed & hazardous work environment and also to improve productivity of the workforce with a user-friendly location-tracking mechanism. If your priority is about safety, security, and accountability of the workforce, use the personnel tracking system to gain business advantage.

Smart Pharmacy Companion for Hassle-free Prescription Storage & Retrieval

Simplifying the prescription storage, retrieval and return-to-stock processes with an IoT and active RFID-based system. Reduce human errors by 90% and reduce customer wait times drastically. Eliminate errors, save on retrieval time, improve customer satisfaction, get alerts on return-to-stock, improve process efficiency and gain complete visibility, all made simple with a user-friendly, easy-to-use wireless will call system.

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Mastiff® Tracking System

Industries that Reindeer has implemented the IoT Technology to solve their pain points

Glitz™ Storage & Retrieval System

Industries that Reindeer has implemented the storage & retrieval system to solve pain points

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Error-free Storage & Retrieval


Efficiency & Productivity


Real-time Visibility

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    Reindeer RFID business
    Reindeer RFID business

    News & Updates

    Reindeer Technologies—Active RFID Tracking Solutions

    Introduction RFID technology has proved to be a captivating tracking technology for organizations handling heavy assets and a huge workforce distributed in a large facility. It is active RFID tracking that has revolutionized the way businesses keep track of their assets and maintain safety of their personnel. Reindeer Technologies builds RFID tracking devices to help[…]

    Keep Track of Safety and Productivity of Workforce in the Field

    Mastiff Personnel Tracking System uses active RFID and beacon technology to track personnel tags. These tags are equipped with panic buttons and motion sensors. With beacons and readers installed at strategic points, you can easily track your workforce, visitor entries, or people movement across workplace, construction sites, or factory floors. If your business is a[…]

    Streamline prescription retrieval with a Wireless Will Call System

    A regular pharmacy in your neighborhood will take your prescription and ask you to come back later. This is because the pharmacist typically spends a few minutes searching for every filled prescription stacked on their shelves to identify the right one that belongs to the customer. When the prescription storage and search is conducted manually,[…]

    Uses of RFID technology in various industries

    What is RFID? RFID, an acronym for radio frequency identification is a form of wireless communication.The RFID tags are a type of tracking system that use radio frequency to search, identify, track, and communicate with items and people. Essentially, RFID tags are smart labels that can store a range of information from serial numbers to[...]

    Pharmacy wireless will call system

    RFID-based tracking, the game changer in the healthcare industry! The need for pharmacy wireless will call system for easy prescription storage and retrieval systems in hospitals emerged from the difficulty of managing huge amounts of prescriptions and the possible dangers posed by human mistakes in these settings. In most circumstances, pharmacy employees are under a[…]

    RFID Asset Tracking- How it works?

    RFID Asset Tracking – How it works? How to track assets & inventory with RFID? This technology is a cost-effective and process-efficient model, which is helping various industry segments to manage several types of assets. Real-time tracing of large number of assets poses a challenge in warehouses and manufacturing industries with small spare parts in[…]

    Why automated pharmacy will call bag system?

    Pharmacy hang-up bags with Glitz™ wireless will call system makes it a fully automated, modern, and easy tracking solution for pharmacists. Glitz™ Pharmacy Will Call Management is an affordable and convenient solution for identifying and managing prescriptions coupled with automatic return-to-stock.

    Active RFID, a perfect solution for tracking & monitoring

    All about Active-RFID that you need to know Businesses have a plethora of excellent tools at their disposal in today’s rapidly expanding technological environment to assist them in achieving their objectives. One of such technologies is RFID. A wide range of everyday uses, including store security tags, employee badges as well as inventory management systems,[…]

    RFID Asset Tracking: Making Inventory Management Easier

    Inventory Tracking Made Simple Tracking the inventory of your store can be a daunting task. You must keep track of what you have in stock, what needs to be ordered, and how much needs to be ordered. RFID asset tracking removes all these headaches by letting you know in real time what items are on[…]

    The Future of Workplace Safety: RFID Tracking Solutions to keep your workers safe

    With employers and workers in recent years becoming increasingly aware of the abundance of risks present in today’s workplace era, many safety systems have been pursued to counteract such threats. In this blog article, understand how robust RFID tracking can be used to provide a host of benefits while still meeting the strictest government guidelines.[…]


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