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Education Sector

Mastiff® Personnel Tag with precise location tracking and real-time visibility helps in ensuring student safety in educational institutions and patients monitoring in hospitals. This is becoming a growing need these days, so implementing a good tracking mechanism is the need of the hour. Precise location of students in school campus or universities is critical in safety perspective. Readers and Beacons are set up in various zones across institutions or hospitals to extract precise locations.

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How does the personnel tracking system help in student safety

Child safety has become high priority these days. Schools are implementing RFID technology to keep track of all student movements at the entry and exit gates, school buses, libraries, and so on. This gives better insight into the whereabouts and safety of the child to both parents and the authorities. RFID tracking and monitoring is cost-effective and enhances student security.

How does Mastiff Personnel Tag help in tracking student whereabouts

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Student Whereabouts

When students are distributed in a huge campus, the personnel tag comes in handy to trace their real-time location. This also ensures if the student is found missing or if a student was within the premises during school hours.

Authorized Entry or Exit

The personnel tracking system helps to ensure if a student enters into unauthorized areas within the campus. The entry is authenticated with RFID tracking mechanisms at all entry and exit points with restricted or monitored entry.

School/University Buses

Implementing RFID tracking system in school buses ensures that the students boarding and de-boarding are monitored. Parents are notified once the student boards the school bus and exits at the school ensuring safe commutation.