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You can email us at sales@reindeer-tech.com or call us at +91-9940068937 or +91-44-45022335 to enquire about prices, get a quote and place an order.

We haven’t enabled e – commerce option in our website currently. You can always call, email, or chat with us to place an order.

Yes, of course. The prices for higher quantities will be considerably lesser than a single unit price. Please get in touch with us to know more about volume discounts.

Yes. The demo kits are available for all our product lines. For more details, please click the link .

Yes, we offer to white label our products for specific customers based on certain criteria. Please get in touch with us to know more about white labeling services.

Technical Support

You can contact us through our exclusive support email support@reindeer-tech.com or chat or call us through our landline or mobile number.

All our products were created with the idea of self-installation and self-training. Exhaustive documentations are available in the resources page on how to install and use our products. We offer free consultation and remote support if you need any further assistance.

Yes, absolutely. All our products were home-grown meaning the entire intellectual property is owned by us. We offer consulting and design services leading up to development of customized products and solutions to all our customers.

Post-Sales Support

Our customers find immense help from our exhaustive product documentation on how to use the products. We also offer free remote training if anything is required beyond our standard documentation.

All our products were created with an aim of self-installation. But we offer free remote support and training on any specific questions on product installation.

We generally don’t travel to our customer sites to provide any onsite support. But we can travel to our customer sites for support on extreme cases on chargeable basis.

Yes, absolutely. Remote support is integral part of our post-sales support. Free remote support and telephonic consultation is available on all our products for the first 12 months from the shipment date.

Yes. All our products are covered by a standard 12-month warranty from the shipment date. Please click the to understand more about our standard warranty terms and conditions.

Yes, extended warranty coverage is available for all our products. Typically, extended warranty will be applicable after the expiration of standard warranty. This is optional and it will be chargeable, and customers are required to signup for extended warranty before the expiration of standard warranty. Extended warranty is available for a minimum period of 12 months and it can be renewed every year. Please note certain spares are out of scope of extended warranty.

Our products do not require periodic maintenance services. Once deployed, all our products are designed to work continuously except for certain spares such as batteries. All our products trigger alerts when batteries run low, and our user guides explain how to replace them before they die down. But we advise our customers to stock additional spares such as power adapters, antennae, and batteries as they could be subjected to normal wear and tear.

Products - Mastiff Personnel and Asset Tracking System

Personnel Tag

This sensor is optional however we advise our customers to consider this feature in the product as they are immensely useful.

The tag doesn’t have additional sensors in the current design. But we offer customization services and include any additional sensors that you may need.

Firstly, you need to ensure the tag in not in sleep mode and the tag RF settings match with the reader. If so, the tag will be seamlessly connected to the existing system and the reader will start receiving the tag information.

Multiple tags can be placed and work together depending upon the RF settings and data transmission time interval. But it’s advisable not to deploy more than 1000 tags within an area of 5000 square feet to avoid data collision and possible loss of data.

The tag batteries can last anywhere from 3 to 5 years depending upon the tag settings. The battery life can come down if the tag range is long and data transmission is frequent. On the other hand, the batteries can last for years if the tag range is not much, and the data transmission is less frequent.

No, the tag is enclosed in an IP67 protected enclosure and it’s not possible to replace the battery.

The standard tags can send data anywhere from once every 10 seconds to 10 minutes. But this can be customized.

Yes, absolutely. The tag has passed all the regulatory standards and certified to be safe to be used by people.

It can be programmed to work in various UHF frequency bands such as 902-928 MHz for North America, 865-867 MHz for India, 865-870 MHz for Europe, Middle East, and Indonesia.

Asset Tag

Yes, that batteries in the asset tags can be replaced by removing the two screws at the back. You need to replace with an identical CR2477 coin cell battery. Please ensure the polarity of the battery is correct while inserting the battery and ensure the screws are tightened adequately.

No, the asset tags do not have any in-built sensors at the moment.

The asset tags can be easily mounted using the flanges. They can be tied to the asset using a cable tie or strap and secured.


Two flanges are available on either side of the Beacon. Beacons can be tied or hung to a pole or mounted on a flat surface through cable ties or straps. But don’t mount them on thick concrete walls or near high electric field as they would attenuate the RF signals. Ensure some space is left between the back of the device and the surface where it’s mounted.

The typical battery life in Beacons are 12 months when they are operated at a RF baud rate of 100 kbps. The 2 AA batteries can be replaced when they give out low battery warning.

Yes, Beacon enclosures come with IP65 protection and they are suitable for outdoor mounting.

Beacons use commonly available AA batteries, so we don’t supply them. You can purchase branded AA batteries from Duracell for quality reasons.


All accessories essential for the reader to work such as power supply adapter, USB cable, RF antenna, Wi-Fi antenna, 4G antenna are shipped along with the reader without any additional cost. But other accessories such as high-power backup battery, battery charger and the outdoor mounting box need to be purchased separately.

The battery lifetime depends on the number of tags it reads, whether it’s using Wi-Fi or 4G communication and the signal strength and the frequency of data upload to server etc. But once charged, the standard battery lifetime will be 30 days.

The outdoor metal enclosure is heavy-duty and provides additional protection to readers whey they are mounted outdoors. It can hold the backup battery and the antenna cables and offers all-weather protection to the reader.

OTA programming and configuration feature is not enabled in the current version of the readers.

We don’t supply SIM cards with our readers. You need to signup with a service provider who provides the best coverage in the site where the readers are installed. However, we can offer our suggestions on the data plan you can signup based on the number of tags deployed, hours of operation, amount of data transferred to cloud and interval of transfer etc.

The device configuration utility for configuring Readers is available in our website at . All instructions regarding using the software are available in the user manual.

Even though both Wi-Fi and 4G communication are available in readers, you can choose only one communication interface at any given point of time. Depending upon the availability of either 4G or Wi-Fi at the installation site, choose appropriate option and configure the readers.

No, our active RFID tags and readers do not work with other devices from other vendors. Due to stringent security mechanisms implemented in our protocol, they are not interoperable with active tags and readers from other vendors.

USB dongle

No. Essentially, there are 3 different versions of USB dongle devices. While a common USB dongle can be used to configure both the asset and personnel tags, different USB dongle versions are used to configure Beacons and Glitz Light sticks. All the USB dongles you purchase from us will be clearly marked.

Any device such as tag, beacon or stick that you want to change the settings must be kept less than 30 feet from the USB dongle.

Products - Glitz Pharmacy Will Call System

Light Stick

On normal usage, the 2 AA batteries in the light stick should last for 2 years.

The wireless range is not less than 50 meters between the light stick and the PoE transmitter.

No, the settings are written in permanent memory so they will never get erased.

The LEDs are quite powerful, so they are clearly visible from at distance of 25 feet or more.

Red, Blue, Green, Violet, Orange and White.

It uses North America’s license free frequency band 902-928 MHz.

PoE Transmitter

OTA programming and configuration feature is not enabled in the current version of the transmitter.

It uses North America’s license free frequency band 902-928 MHz.

Yes, we supply the Ethernet cable, USB cable, Power supply adapter and the RF antenna when you place the order for the PoE transmitter. We strongly advise you to use only the shipped accessories and not to buy them separately from other suppliers.

Device Configuration Utility Software

The software has been created for Windows 10 operating system.

  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Minimum Hard disk space available: 1 GB

The device configuration utility software for all our products can be downloaded from

The factory defaults can be entered by pressing <ctrl+D> in the software. This will populate the default values in the screen which can be written to the device by clicking the button ‘Write to Device’.

The device configuration utility software for all our products can be downloaded from the Resources page on the website.