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Healthcare Industry

Hospitals have endless supply of medicines, equipment, accessories, and surgical instruments. Tracking each of them and entering them into the database is a tedious affair and are prone to numerous errors if done manually. RFID-based tracking helps easy identification of assets, their movement, their precise real-time location, and procurement of inventory. Large equipment tracking is a huge challenge and increases cost of replacement if not monitored appropriately. Keeping track of such equipment within the hospital premises eliminates the risk of loss. A real-time location tracking system always helps zone-based supervision of all tagged equipment.

Understand how you can use the asset tag in your industry or business and for better insights on the benefits

How does the asset tracking system help to track medical equipment

An effective tracking & monitoring mechanism that optimizes the use of medical equipment and keep track of them to avoid misplacement and enhance the clinical performance for good health of the patients.

How does the asset tracking help in hospitals

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Asset Safety

Keep track of all hospital assets such as wheelchairs, patient beds, medical and clinical equipment, surgical instruments, and ensure their availability when most needed.


Constantly monitor the movement of medical equipment, supplies, and lab samples in and out of the hospital. This is to ensure smooth functioning of the hospital.

How does the personnel tracking system help in hospital manpower management

Optimize medical staff work time by streamlining the patient visit workflow. Evaluate their performance by tracking their work allocation and their time and effort spent on accomplishing it.

How personnel tracking makes hospital staff function efficiently

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Staff Effectiveness

Constantly check the staff availability, their work location and their presence in allocated work area, the break periods, and exit time. This helps streamline day-to-day operations and effective patient monitoring.

Patient Monitoring

You can also use real-time RFID tracking coupled with the IoT devices to track and monitor patient movement. Gather real-time accurate data such as if the patient is in the ward, or in the scan laboratory, or in the waiting area of the lab due for any procedure.

Out-patient Monitoring

You can keep track of out-patients visiting the hospital with the help of RFID tags coupled with IoT devices to locate them in real-time for organizing their doctor consultation, lab or scan procedures. This helps patient workflow management for smooth consultation and procedures.