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Inventory Management

Reduced costs, better storage of data, enhanced storage and retrieval, and reliability are the many reasons for RFID tracking in the manufacturing industries. This technology helps in end-to-end traceability, which is one of the prime concerns for manufacturers. Locating the whereabouts of spares or other accessories poses a huge challenge. Real-time tracking and monitoring with RFID tags help in reducing manual errors drastically. Give away with error-prone and inefficient traceability and fill the gaps by adopting to real-time RFID-based asset tracking.

Understand more about how your industry can benefit from the asset tracking system.

How inventory can be tracked and monitored without any loss or misplacement

As spares or accessories moves through the manufacturing cycle, there are chances of small parts getting lost or being deviated from the original assembly line. Eliminate this gap using this simple real-time RFID tracking coupled with IoT devices to gather the usage data for reporting the effective use of spares and accessories.

How does Mastiff Asset Tracking help in tracking large number of small-sized assets

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Closely Track Movable Assets

Keep track of all small-sized movable assets throughout the manufacturing life cycle and avoid any loss of assets or misplacements. As assets move throughout the assembly line on the shop floor, strategic read points are equipped with Active RFID readers, which help track them based on the linked asset tags to pin point the exact location.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Simplified data collection of all the assets reduces manual errors of counting the assets or tracing them. This helps in optimizing the operational process and efficiency in that phase of the assembly line. Any deviations from the requirement to the actual process is eliminated. Accurate tracking of inventory and reduction in overuse helps to improve operational costs.

Accurate Tracking of Spares

Real-time RFID tracking of all spare parts in the assembly line is made possible with this simple asset tracking system. Now, you can trace any minute spare parts and enhance efficiency by reducing manual effort and saving on productive time. With this accurate and minute real-time tracking, you can reduce the downtime and any gaps enabling smooth functioning of the manufacturing process.