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Manufacturing Industry

Mastiff Personnel Tag applies to the manufacturing industry in terms of improving productivity, optimizing operational continuity, and boosting workplace safety. Workers move through large assembly lines on the shop floor, this movement is tracked precisely by the RFID tags. Better insights on the shop floor movements also help the decision makers to step up the safety standards.

Tracking of predefined zones, precise locations, and real-time worker visibility are the key benefits in using the smart tags integrated with active RFID technology coupled with readers and beacons that extracts precise location.

Understand how the personnel tracking system can help your business and for more insights on the benefits

How the personnel tracking system help in real-time tracking of workforce in the large facility

Operational efficiency goes a long way in reducing costs and improve bottom line business profits. Effective utilization of manpower, material, and overheads is key in achieving this.

Use Personnel Tracking system to enhance operational efficiency

Workflow Efficiency

Improve the operational workflow on the shop floor for efficient functioning. Track real-time data to evaluate the workflow and optimize it for time and effort. The real-time data gives you an insight about the productivity on the shop floor.

Productive Efforts

Monitor in real-time the arrival, exit, and break time of workforce. You can also track the production data by gathering critical data on the individual workforce effort and time. It also give you clarity on what stage of production is the workforce involved.