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Manufacturing Units

The major issue with spare parts management is planning and identifying the appropriate parts for a repair or maintenance work in a manufacturing unit or any factory. Unable to accurately identifying the spare parts inventory might disrupt the production. A world-class spare parts tracking mechanism is critical to store your small-sized parts in an organized way to easily track and retrieve when needed.

GlitzTM Light Stick can be of great help in organizing the spare parts in a bag and placing the light stick with the bag mapping them with a unique ID. When needed, the employee can enter the unique ID in the associated software to trigger the LED light in the stick. At the glow of the light, the accurate bag with the required spare parts can be retrieved instantly without any fumbling through numerous spare parts boxes.

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How does the light stick help in locating minute and small-sized spare parts in a manufacturing industry

A hassle-free storage, and accurate retrieval mechanism that enhances and simplifies locating of minute spare parts such as screws, nuts, and bolts on the factory shop floor.

Instant Spare Parts Bag Identification

Instantly identify the spare parts bags triggering the LED light using the pharmacy management software. Multi-colored LEDs for each drug store terminal makes the process effortless and in less time. A light stick is illuminated in the mapped storage bag, alerting the employee to pick the right bag for the repair or maintenance work.

Easily Adoptable

The Glitz Light Stick is easy to use and simple in process. There is no need for any training for the employees; once the light stick is fitted with the battery, it is ready to be used. The spare parts need to be organized in groups and placed in bags with a light stick mapped to a unique ID. The system also seamlessly integrates with an existing spare parts maintenance software.

No Serialization

No need for arranging the spare parts in a numerical order. As each bag is mapped to a light stick, when the employee enters the unique ID of the bag, an alert is sent to the mapped light stick, which glows. The employee can instantly retrieve the spare parts bag without the need for sifting through numerous ones or searching for the serial numbers.