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Mastiff® Asset Tag

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Mastiff® Asset Tracking

Active RFID-based Asset Tag for Enterprises

Is tracking your high-value assets costing you too much in terms of efforts and money? Reindeer Technologies gives you an Active RFID Tag for tracking your assets in real-time. While on the move or stored in a warehouse, track every asset and get better visibility.

The Mastiff® Asset Tag has proved its functionality across various enterprises. Be it the industry warehouses, across manufacturing units, hospitals or moving vehicles like containers or cargo carrying fast moving consumables, finished goods or raw materials. The tag helps track or trace any kind of asset continuously irrespective of its size.

Scattered assets across large areas can also be tracked easily with a zone-level location identifier called Mastiff® Beacon. The asset tracking device is equipped with a reader for retrieving and storing data.

Active RFID-based Real-time Tracking and Monitoring

Mastiff® Asset Tag works on the Ultra High Frequency (UHF) band that gives real-time location details to continuously track the indoor or outdoor assets. The parameters of the smart tag are programmed through software in wireless mode. The accurate location of the tag is frequently captured by a compatible Mastiff Active RFID Reader and sent to a cloud-based system for reporting and analysis. This tag can be easily integrated with any existing asset management system.

Assets within a short range of 1 meter to a high range of 500 meters can be efficiently tracked. Mountable on any kind of object with a cable tie, strap or mounting tape. Designed for lean battery usage, the asset tag enters a state of deep sleep when not in use.