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Mastiff® Reader

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Mastiff® Reader

Active RFID Device

A smart and simple real-time location tracking of tagged assets, personnel, and vehicles

Reindeer Technologies presents Mastiff® Reader, an Active RFID device that operates at ultra-high frequency (UHF) band with 4G and Wi-Fi communication. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor tracking conditions and gathers information from compatible Mastiff Active RFID Tags with location information and sends it the downstream software using 4G or Wi-Fi communication.

Better visibility of assets, tracking of inventory in large enterprises is surely a critical task and takes a lot of effort if done manually. Keeping the assets in the right place and enough visibility across large facilities are the need of the hour. If you are using an asset tracking device to monitor exact location and movement of assets in and out of a large facility, how do you extract location and other key information about your assets? In a heavy industrial environment or a construction site, tracking the workforce is highly critical for safety purposes. A good location-information tracking mechanism is mandatory.

Mastiff® Reader comes as a boon to communicate with tracking devices to gather location information and other key parameters.

Accessories - Rechargeable Battery

Accessories - Antennae

Uses 5V/3A wall power adapter or a high power 3.7V/31.2Ah rechargeable battery with surge protection and self-resetting fuse. Equipped with self-healing and self-correcting mechanisms for reliable and continuous operation in the long run with no manual intervention.

This is a battery pack with a combination of 12 cells connected in a circuit. Each cell of 2600 mAh amounting to 31,200 mAh of capacity. The battery enables the reader to function continuously for 30 days. Once the battery reaches a low voltage, an alert is sent to indicate that the battery power is dying. This battery can be replaced with a backup and the current battery can be recharged externally.

The reader can also be powered using an adapter, where the electrical socket can be customized for any country.

The reader is equipped with 3 high-gain antennae, which are of 39 cms height. All 3 are identical and indicated with labels for RFID, Wi-Fi, and 4G usage. Antenna points are marked on the mounting box for easily identifying the connection points.