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Mastiff® Personnel Tag

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Mastiff® Personnel RFID Tags

Real-time Tracking with Precise Location

A Smart Workforce tracking for Enhanced Workplace Visibility and Safety

Ensure safety and visibility of workforce in a distributed work environment with personnel tracking system. Maximize operational efficiency with real-time tracking of precise location of workforce using an interactive RFID tag. You can use it as a positioning technology to trace employees, workers, visitors, or students.

An interactive digital identity card (ID) and is ideal for locating personnel in real-time indoors or outdoors.

The tag works in Ultra high frequency (UHF) band to provide the location of the user. The precise location of the tag is determined by a compatible Mastiff Active RFID reader. The tag senses motion continuously to determine if the person is stationary, in motion or has suffered a sudden fall. It also alerts the system when unauthorized person enters prohibited areas. Designed for efficient battery usage, the lightweight tag can be connected to a lanyard or fitted on to a helmet.