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USB Dongle

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USB Dongle - For Mastiff® Reader and Beacon

USB Dongle - For Glitz™ Light Stick

Mastiff® USB Dongle is a miniature USB device used to program the settings in Mastiff® tags and beacons. It is powered up when plugged to the USB port of a PC or laptop. It comes with a desktop software through which the settings in the tags and beacons are programmed.

The programmable tags and beacons are activated through a simple magnet. They are kept not more than 30 cms away from the USB dongle and communicate to the software through the USB dongle when activated. The user can change the settings in the software and update the factory settings in tags and beacons one at a time.

The USB dongle consumes power through the USB port of the PC or laptop and the necessary drivers for communication are self-installed in Windows 10. The USB dongle is enclosed in a sleek and stylish clear polycarbonate enclosure and it’s snapped together to fit.

To avoid interference, the USB dongle is programmed to work in a frequency band which is different from the normal working frequency of tags and beacons. As the main purpose of the USB dongle is to program the settings of tags and beacons wirelessly, they operate in very low RF power and at high baud rates.

Glitz™ USB Dongle, a compact USB device that is an essential part of the location tracking system. Equipped with a desktop software, it is used to create or modify the settings in the Glitz™ Light Stick based on requirements. It acts as a nerve center for the light stick to function efficiently.

Powered with USB Port/PC/laptop, this USB dongle carries vital data. The programmable light sticks must be placed within 30 cms radius of the USB dongle, and are activated through a simple magnet. Once activated, the light sticks communicate to the software through the USB dongle. Device configuration through the software is a seamless effort, is customizable, and if needed, can be restored to factory settings.