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Power & Oil/Gas Industry

End-to-end visibility is critical for everyday tracking of personnel in power plants or oil/gas industries. Our active RFID personnel tracking solution helps maximize uptime and protect your employees even at the remotest locations. The power industry or oil/gas industry are prone to remote working environments and workforce visibility becomes a challenge. Mastiff Personnel Tags real-time tracking solution comes in handy to provide information on personnel safety and performance visibility and accountability in the most demanding remote work areas, even below the ground level. Enhance worker safety by monitoring and responding quickly to ‘man-down’ situation. Ensure all safety compliances are followed by the workforce.

Understand how to apply the tag in your industry and to have a better insight about the benefits

How the tag helps in ensuring safety of the workforce

How to ensure safety of the workforce with personnel tracking system

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Boosting Safety

Workforce operating in hazardous work area and exposed to highly flammable toxic chemicals and gases are provided with RFID-enabled smart tags that helps track zone-based precise location and movement from one zone to another. This helps pinpoint their exact location and during emergency, get the response and protection team to the spot immediately. Workforce safety is the prime concern of the power and oil industry.

Emergency Evacuation

Personnel tracking comes in handy especially during emergency evacuations, to track the entire workforce movement to the safe zone. This serves both indoor and outdoor tracking. This helps save lives of the workforce in case of any emergency. Tracking down to the last worker from the dangerous area to the safety zone is sure to play a key role in securing the workforce.

How the Mastiff Asset Tracking system helps track assets in this industry

Improving visibility of field assets and inventory in this industry is very important as most of the assets are not directly under manual supervision. Introducing a simple RFID based real-time tracking of assets of all kinds and size. Mastiff® Asset Tracking system for tracking and monitoring stationary and movable assets.

Understand how you can apply the tag in your industry to get better visibility and to gather more insight into the functionality

How can you track and monitor assets in this industry

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Real-time Tracking & Reporting

Keep a track of all your field or other assets in real-time and monitor the movement from remote. Get the instant and continuous analytical data to analyze when an asset is idle or in use. Precise locating eliminates the manual task of tracking and boosts employee productivity as they focus on core activities. Reduces loss of assets, misplaced assets avoiding unnecessary repurchase.

Equipment Monitoring

Tracking of huge inventory manually is a time consuming affair. With RFID real-time tracking, all the assets are tracked in one place and data gathered for analytical purposes constantly. Ensure that your high-value assets are utilized appropriately and at the right place. Thereby, helping to reduce costs, improve operational visibility and simplify asset management.