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Precise Location Tracking Of Workforce

Accurate location tracking of workforce for safety and security monitoring in hazardous workplace

Precise Location

Mastiff® Personnel Tracker, an RFID-based real-time precise location tracking of workforce indoor and outdoor.


The tag covers a wide range of area from 1 meter to 500 meters and is useful in tracking a widely distributed work area.

Motion Sensor

Equipped with a motion sensor to detect movement and sudden fall from high-rise environment.

Energy Efficient

Energy-efficient technology customizable to prolong battery life up to 5 years. The asset tags can be put to hibernation
when not in use.

Alert Mechanism

Triggers alerts on unauthorized entry of personnel within the work area.


The Mastiff® Personnel Tag works in Ultra High Frequency band that provides real-time record of workforce.

Mastiff® Personnel Tracking System, a smart RFID-based precise location tracking system. It requires a blend of hardware devices and a software to track real-time locations of workforce and personnel catering to a myriad of industries. It is a smart solution enabling indoor and outdoor tracking.

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See the personnel tag in action

Look how the tracking solution identifies the precise location of the workforce in a multi-level construction site. The readers and beacons are located at critical junctures to detect the tags and transmit precise location data to cloud storage.

What can you track with Mastiff Personnel Tracker

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Student Monitoring

In a typical school transport scenario, students can be tracked using smart RFID ID cards and devices. This is very useful in cases where children have to be tracked for their safe journey to and from schools. Tracking and monitoring within the school premises gives clarity on student whereabouts ensuring their safety to parents and school authorities.


Keep a close watch on all patients and also track hospital staff for ensuring smooth clinical workflow. This also comes in handy during emergencies to track the emergency response teams and their whereabouts.

Factory Premises

Real-time tracking of workforce within the factory helps to ensure the safety and security of the workforce. Evaluate the productivity and overtime necessity of the workforce.

How does the Mastiff® Personnel Tracking work?

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