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Pharmacy Wireless Will Call System

Easily adoptable & low cost pharmacy wireless will call system reducing prescription storage & retrieval time, and reducing medical errors and misplaced scripts by 90%

Errors Eliminated

Pharmacy Wireless Will Call system eliminates manual errors by 90% with prescription uniquely mapped to Glitz™ Light Stick.

No Alphabetization

Uniquely mapped to a light stick, prescription bag retrieval of bags is instant eliminating the need for storing the prescription bags in alphabetical order to retrieve

Easily Adaptable

Easily integrates into your existing pharmacy management systems and no need for changing the prescription bags. The light stick is placed in each bag for instant retrieval at the glow of the LED.

Multi-color Coded LED

Multi-color coded LEDs for differentiating medical dispensing terminals. Instant retrieval at the glow of the light stick at the click of a button using the pharmacy management software.

Speedy Return-to-stock

Time taken to identify return-to-stock items reduced by 90% again with a click of a button in the pharmacy management software.

High Customer Satisfaction

Reduces customer wait time drastically and keeps customers happy for quick and instant handover of prescription bags.

Glitz™ Pharmacy Wireless Will Call System comprises of an active RFID device coupled with a PoE transmitter and integrated with pharmacy management software which simplifies medical prescription bags storage & retrieval making the pharmacy operations efficient and reducing customer wait time.

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See the light stick in action

A customer comes to collect his prescription and the pharmacy staff enters the ID in the software, which triggers the Glitz light stick to glow. The staff can now instantly pick the right prescription bag and handover to the customer.

The Pharmacy Wireless Will Call Workflow

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Uniquely Mapped Prescription

Each patient prescription ID is mapped to a light stick fitted with multi-color coded LEDs at both ends using the pharmacy management software. This ensures correct prescription is delivered to the right customer making it an effective system.

Easy Storage

The patient prescription, medicines, and the mapped light stick are placed in a transparent bag and stored on the shelf. No need to organize the bags alphabetically or place the patient name visibly on the bags to identify from the shelf. Storage and retrieval made simpler and quicker.

LED Triggered

When a patient request for the prescription, the pharmacy staff uses the pharmacy management software and communicates with the mapped light stick. This triggers the LED, which lights up instantly. The prescription is retrieved instantly.

How does the Glitz™ Light Stick work?

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