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Active RFID-based Real-time Asset Tracking Solution

Accurate zone-level detection for precise location tracking of movable, stationary assets, for both indoor and outdoor traceability


Mastiff® Asset Tracker, and RFID-based real-time tracking of assets with
zone-level visibility, minimizing time to search and retrieve.


Mastiff® Asset Tracker for effortless and guaranteed asset tracking. Mastiff tracker offers maximum accuracy in tracking & monitoring assets.

Easily Adaptable

Easy integration into existing asset management systems. All your assets in a large facility are always traceable.

Energy Efficient

Energy-efficient technology customizable to prolong battery life up to 5 years. The asset tags can be put to hibernation
when not in use.

Constant Tracking

Constantly and consistently track the assets even when they are on the move. Do not miss out on any of your high value assets. Track your assets accurately.


The Mastiff® Asset Tags are equipped to track assets within a short range of 1 meter to a long range of 500 meters.

Mastiff® Asset Tracking System, a smart RFID-based real-time tracking system. It comprises of hardware and software to track real-time locations of various kinds of assets catering to a myriad of industries. It is a smart solution enabling indoor and outdoor tracking.

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See the asset tag in action

Look at the asset movement in a warehouse. The asset tags are fixed on the assets and the readers at critical points detect the Active RFID tags and transmits this real-time data to the cloud using a device software.

What can you track with Mastiff Asset Tracker

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Manufacturing Units

RFID real-time asset locating and positioning helps the automobile, assembly line items, capital goods, and consumer items with tracking of preventive maintenance and repair


Keep a close track of all your medical equipment, wheel chairs, and other accessories required for patients. Real-time visibility of assets helps in maintaining stock to the optimum

FMCG Products

Accurate traceability of individual products within the supply chain. Real-time tracking helps to optimize the inbound and outbound movement reducing time, errors, and shortage

How does the Mastiff® Asset Tracking work?

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